Mission OHUIC is an International Christian Organization Founded by Carline Dor Fineus, she was an orphan her father And her mother had died since she was 8 years old. now God has spoken to her to start an Organization in Haiti with her Husband the mission of OHUIC is to help children who are in need of parents and supplies. Children who are on the streets And have no dreams or goals, as well as older people or widows who do not have an assistant will create a care room for the Elderly.


Our Vision of the OHUIC is for all seniors and children who are in OHUIC to live to be able to eat, sleep and find the Necessary education, which is why we, the committee of the OHUIC, have predicted that building a church for children Build schools and houses. For example, there are many children we have picked up in the streets where they lived. Some Children ate in garbage cans and others ate dead animals. There were children who were targeted by evil spirits, but because Of our prayer they were missing.


Our Goal is that children should always find the church, the discipline. Another goal is that we will be in prison to serve the Prisoners and bring them the word of God. We will give them service inside the prison. Every year, OHUIC will organize a Crusade to evangelize. We ask everyone that if you want to make a donation to OHUIC, you can trust us because we are Chosen by God, people who want to help children who need to adopt a child you can do it if all faith is pushed by the Spirit.

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